We offer three different techniques to give you the custom options for false lashes. Different shapes, thicknesses, and styles of lashes are always available; guaranteeing a perfect fit for the look you desire.

Bella Vie Classic Lashes

$90 & up

Simple and classy full set! Natural Eyelash Extensions benefit medium to full natural lashes, not recommended for medium-sparse to thin-sparse lashes. If you have medium to thin-sparse lashes OR are looking for a more dramatic look, a Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Set is recommended.

Classic Eyelash Extension Fill/Touch-up

$50 & up

Recommended touch-up application every 2-3 weeks. Must have at least 1/3 of set remaining, otherwise will be considered a new set.

Bella Vie Customize Lashes Extension

$120 & up

Customized Eyelash Extension Fill/Touch-up

$65 & up

Bella Vie Volume Eyelash Extension

$150 & up

Volume Eyelash Extension set designed just for you! Benefits clients with all types of natural lashes. Choose level of fullness/volume (natural, medium, dramatic), style and length to create a uniquely fabulous look.

Bella Vie Volume Eyelash Extension Refill/ Touch up

$65 & up

Lash Lift


Ditch that eyelash curler and mascara! Lash Lift is a new generation of eyelash perming that is safer, more effective and more beautiful than traditional eyelash perms. Create lift, curl, and definition to natural lashes!! Lash Lift/ Eyelash Perm and Eyelash Tinting are great alternatives for clients not wanting the maintenance of eyelash extensions.